Icons – at Cultural Guerrillas Gallery

This is the show before the people arrived.

Opening Friday, 10/17/14 Gallery open Saturday, 10/18/14, 12-6

Opening Friday, 10/17/14
Gallery open Saturday, 10/18/14, 12-6

Cultural Guerrillas Event for St. Mary’s Hospital

On May 10th and 11th we opened our studio to the public. Collage materials which took many forms were then photographed. A print out could be purchased for $10. WE RAISED AT LEAST $300. for the Children’s Hospital in Bayside! The St Mary’s kids also collaborated on a collage which was presented to me by Jan Mittan! See the photos of the festivities as well as the many different artist’s work below… If your name is not listed and you would like it to be, please feel free to contact me. Thanks, Denise


NY Mag Vulture Art Crawl – Reception Thurs., May 8th 6-8

Stop by my studio – 526 w 26th street, ste. 610. Take a look at some new work and make some art yourself. I will have lots of collage material that you can put together to create your own temporary “still life” which we will capture to make a digital collage. I will post the finished products to this blog. You can also purchase a copy of  your work for a small suggested donation of $10 – 20 to St Mary’s Hospital for Children.

Open Studio digital invite 5-14.

Opening Reception – Thursday, May 8th, 6-8  

or come by on Saturday May 10th 12 – 6 or Sunday, May 11th 12 -4.

Woman in Blue Robe

Woman in Blue Robe



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