Alter(native) Facts: Look Closer OPENING RECEPTION Today 3-6

Alter(native) Facts: Look Closer A Really, Real Group Show Curated by Denise Jones Adler

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May 10, 2017

Alternative (n) –
One of two or more available possibilities; an option or choice; a substitute or replacement

Fact (n) –

A piece of information presented as having objective reality and indisputable significance

Alter (v) –

To change or cause to change in a comparatively small but significant way

Native (n) –

Belonging to a place or a thing by nature; inherent

Alternative fact –
To change, substitute or replace what’s inherent and indisputable about someone or something.

Ex.: The clumsy, incompetent political hack told the reporter that the lie she had just told was not a lie but an alternative fact.
A tool that the inquisitive minded use to deepen the integrity of human understanding. To open perceptions beyond the limits of experience.

Ex.: Before Pythagoras theorized the Earth was a sphere, it was considered an alternative fact to the idea that the Earth was flat or saucer shaped.

The term alternative facts, seems like a contradiction in terms, especially in our politics and social media teeming with “fake news” and real gossip complete with all the sinister and titillating details. These lies and half-truths about our fearless leaders have shined a pretty negative light on the alternative facts many seem to crave, to the point that no one would be caught dead defending them, right? Till now! Artist’s own alternative

facts, we love them. We search for them. Picasso famously pointed out “We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie… The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.” Cindy Sherman manipulates her identity. Ai Weiwei asks in “According to What?” that we destroy a piece of his art. Taken separately, each part of the title: alter; native; facts, creates a clearer picture of why artists cultivate this ability and the sum is greater than any of the parts. Our alternative perceptions create a dialogue with the past, the present and the future. We are at our best when we are doubting the indisputable, seeing the significance of irrelevance, and finding evidence where none existed – changing in a small but significant way what is accepted as true. The Alter(native) Facts Exhibit is a call for art that convinces us to believe the lie and be happy about it.

With Denise Adler, Leda Arensberg, Jeffrey Bishop,
Billie Cohen, Stephen Cimini, Hilda Green Demsky, Ava Hassinger,

Lisa Hirkaler,

DJA Bio/Resume

Mary Jones,
Suzy Kunz,
Ken Nelson,
Charles Olson,
Leslie Jimenez,
Bernice Sokol Kramer, Victoria Udondian,
and Douglas Zimmerman

Attended Buffalo State University for 2 years where she studied printmaking. Graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Fine Arts and design. She has two published books “Parallel Spell: 7 pictures 7 poems” in collaboration with the poet and writer Elena Alexander. And “Symbols” the companion book to her 2017 solo show of the same name that ran at Pleiades Gallery, April/May 2017. Fifteen of her street photographs are used as the backdrop in the production “Heart Meridians.” originally produced by DTW in NYC. She is a founding member of the Cultural Guerrillas group with the artist Mary Jones. Their mission is to produce pop up shows with a variety of mixed media artists who are using visual rhetoric as expressions of alternative cultural meaning. She is a member of the Pleiades Gallery group on W 25th St. in Chelsea, NYC. She will have a two person show “Dialog” with Mary Jones in November 2017 at the Hudson Guild Gallery. Her work is shown regularly in group shows in NY and nationally.