“The peculiar characteristics of photography and it’s approaches have opened up a new and immensely fantastic field for a creative human being: a new magical territory, for the discovery of which freedom is the first prerequisite. …Whenever we want to force this ‘Photo matter’ to yield new forms, we must be prepared for a journey of discovery, we must start without any preconceptions; most of all, we must be open to the beauties of fortuity. Here more than anywhere else, these beauties, wandering and extravagant, obligingly enrich our fantasies.” -Höch, H., ‘A few words on photomontage’ in Cut with the Kitchen Knife: The Weimar Photomontages of Hannah Höch

Continuing that journey of discovery, my collages and photomontages are made by cobbling together work from disparate snippets of media, mass-marketing, advertisements, newspapers and photographs, type and found objects, the detritus of my yesterdays, lost and found and given a place. A photographer frames her perception, parts of the whole result in images with their own reality. I photograph the collages and use that as the raw material for my electronically manipulated photomontages and collages.

This work is the outcome of my journey to force this ‘Photo matter’ into new forms. The resulting portraits and photo-scapes contain much of the same “genetic” material but have their own reality and their own discovery.


  • 2021/2022 - New Exhibitions Coming Soon!
Illumination: A Solo Show – Pleiades Gallery 530 W26th St. Ste 406, February 19-March 16, 2019, OPENING RECEPTION: 2/23/19 3-6PM