Beyond Decoration – Opening Reception, 11/19, 6:00 – 7:30

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The language of adornment is not only about embellishment, it can also be used to expose, to conceal or to protect. Decoration can be an expression of comfort in the world – exteriority, or it can be an armor used in a need for external protection – interiority. It can also be a symbol of metamorphosis. Humans are not absolute, but transformative and emergent. Through symbols and metaphor, we have the unique capacity to imagine and create new things.

This show will examine the work of artists utilizing these three approaches to ornamentation, using it to refine our understanding of contemporary culture, as a reflection of our collective experiences and to try to anticipate what is in store for us. The multifaceted connections between the internal; external and virtual are distilled into hybrid creations that illustrate a deeper sense of social reality in a changing world.

The artists who will be included in this show are:
Reign Apiim –
Cibele Viera –
Gabriel J. Shuldiner –
Carla Gannis –
Kumasi J. Barnett –
Denise Adler –
Mary Jones –